Friday, September 17, 2010

I need desire, to feel alive

My my myyyy. I'm currently in New York and loving it! I got it Wednesday afternoon in time to for the Anna Sui show that night at 6. Unfortunately my camera is HORRIBLE. I'm pretty sure none of my pictures turned out blog worthy, which saddens me. :( I'll look through them when I get home and see if I can't edit any to make them presentable. If not, I'll link some pictures. Her collections was simply amazing!

Right now, I'm being mind blown at all the people I see as I walk around. So much inspiration! Everyone has their own style here, and isn't afraid to wear what they want. I love it! I just wish it was like this back home. Being here and seeing all these people also kind of makes me feel so small and like I can't compete with these people. It's not a competition or anything, really I just mean I feel like I can't compare. Like I don't have anything on these people you know? But I shouldn't think of it that way. I should look at it as a learning experience and pick up some tips and trying and bring it back home with me. :)

On another note, the weather here is amazing! Its so nice and cool; although yesterday I had a dress on and it was quite windy. Hopefully I didnt flash too many people? :/ I believe I'll wait till I'm home to post the different outfits. It will be easier that way. haha. And I'll just shove them into one HUGE post. hehe.

I believe tonight we're going to the Empire state building! I'm quite excited! Though not so excited for the crowded sidewalks. Those are such a pain. Ohwellz. haha. It will definitely be an experience!


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