Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hold me down

Shirt- NYCompany
Shorts- Express

Today was long and rainy. I woke up at 7 and ran the lake before work. Went in at 10:30 and I was suppose to work till 4 but it's sooo slow my manager let me off at 3. On the way home the sky opened up and seemed like it was bent on flooding everything! Goodness. It's rained everyday for a week. I'm tired of it.

So now that we've gotten past my slight rant. haha. After work I went to dinner with my parents then to the store to get a few things. Pretty uneventful day I suppose. But I have tomorrow off! So hopefully it will be a bit more exciting.

By the way, that picture is from the ones I spoke about on Saturday. I finally found my moms cord. Yaaay. :) Hope everyone had a good and less rainy day then I did!


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