Friday, September 3, 2010

And now I am sure my heart can never be still

I promise I'm not dead. And Ive been utterly lazy with posting and anything internet that correlates with fashion. I'm not sure why. Possibly because the past two months have been wrapped up in emotional conflict with people in my life. It's been rough but it's getting better. I honestly felt like I let myself slip away for a while. School starting up again has definitely reawakened me though. Just through the fact that my anxieties have returned. Which is annoying and I hope to one day fully get over them, but it makesme feel like my old self. And pushed my thoughts back onto my passions. Fashion and music.

I've realized I've been slacking almost all summer with my styling choices. Yes, I pick out cute outfits and I like them, but they aren't always...special. They seem very safe I guess. I like my old styling where I wasn't afraid that someone would be wearing something similar. I'm working on getting back to that place. For starters I recently bought some thigh high socks! And while it is still so very hot in Florida, I believe I will be wearing a pair to my job interview later today at Claires. Which I am very excited about! That will be another chance for me to work on my outfits, since you are allo
wed to dress up. The completely opposite has my hostessing job where we have a uniform. Which I will still be keeping. College is expensive. And so is the dream of moving out. Hahah.

At the end of June I started to research finger tattoos after seeing a girl with one. For some reason it just captured my attention so much. I was almost obsessed with them! I saw many cute ones but finally got my own idea. Since music is a huge part of my life (trumpet for 5 years, guitar for 2, and singing all my life) I decided I wanted something related to that! And I came up with the idea of getting an eighth note on my right ring finger. I had a friend draw it on and it was something I couldn't see myself without. I've always said if I ever decided to get a tattoo I would think about it for a long time, but I couldn't with this. Probably a month and a half later I got it done! For only $5 by one of my best friends brother in law. It hurt
though! Sooo much. But it's worth it.

Anyways, I'll be doing another post today, promise! I have my outfit planned out for later so I'll have a post on it. Till then!


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