Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So I'll run, you'll hide

So, can I just state a fact real quick? Iced coffee is the most amazing thing on this planet. Yes. That's a fact. I haven't had hot coffee in a loooong time. It's just so refreshing, and cold, and creamy, and...and...AMAZING! Okay, I'm done.

Anywho, I saw an article a friend posted yesterday on facebook. It's from the Rolling Stones, and was a short article on a question they asked Mumford and Sons. Click me! Go hop over and read it real quick. I'll wait, don't worry.

You done? Okay cool. I just wanted to talk about my thoughts on it.

First off, I am a Christian, and I do tell people that is my faith. I, however, am not religious. Now just pump your brakes before you flip out all "WHUT. BUT YOU SAID YOU'RE A CHRISTIAN. YOU CRAY. DATS A RELIGION. YOU RELIGIOUS." No. No I'm not. I'll explain.

Religion is what the pharisees had. A set of rules and regulations that you had to follow and if you didn't obviously you were a heathen and didn't love/follow God. Religion has caused so many problems in this world. I could go on for a while about why I don't like religion, but not right now.

So I'm not religious. My faith is a relationship. I talk to God, I spend time with Him, we share things together. It's a give and take just like it is with any of my other relationships. Where am I going with this? You shall soon see!

Marcus says he wouldnt call himself a Christian. I think he means the same thing when I say I wouldn't call myself religious. And in the view of eternity, what you call yourself doesn't really matter. It's how you lived your life. I know some people that were upset when they read this thinking "Oooh I loved this band! I thought Marcus was saved. Blahblahblah." One thing, real quick, whether a band says they're christian or not shouldn't change your view of them. Their lyrics still strike me as faith filled and I can relate to a lot of what they say. Music can be interpereted however the listener would like them to be. Yes the musician had an idea behind the song and what it meant to them, but it can mean different things to someone else.

Those were my thoughts. Let me know what you think about the article!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I need desire, to feel alive

My my myyyy. I'm currently in New York and loving it! I got it Wednesday afternoon in time to for the Anna Sui show that night at 6. Unfortunately my camera is HORRIBLE. I'm pretty sure none of my pictures turned out blog worthy, which saddens me. :( I'll look through them when I get home and see if I can't edit any to make them presentable. If not, I'll link some pictures. Her collections was simply amazing!

Right now, I'm being mind blown at all the people I see as I walk around. So much inspiration! Everyone has their own style here, and isn't afraid to wear what they want. I love it! I just wish it was like this back home. Being here and seeing all these people also kind of makes me feel so small and like I can't compete with these people. It's not a competition or anything, really I just mean I feel like I can't compare. Like I don't have anything on these people you know? But I shouldn't think of it that way. I should look at it as a learning experience and pick up some tips and trying and bring it back home with me. :)

On another note, the weather here is amazing! Its so nice and cool; although yesterday I had a dress on and it was quite windy. Hopefully I didnt flash too many people? :/ I believe I'll wait till I'm home to post the different outfits. It will be easier that way. haha. And I'll just shove them into one HUGE post. hehe.

I believe tonight we're going to the Empire state building! I'm quite excited! Though not so excited for the crowded sidewalks. Those are such a pain. Ohwellz. haha. It will definitely be an experience!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Take advantage of your space

Tunic: XXI
Skirt: Zara
Thigh high socks: Target
Oxfords: Candies
Sunglasses: Aldo
Bag: Thrifted
Rings: Kohls,Charlotte Russe

I'm in love with these thigh high socks! It's still a bit warm but thats okay! I'm typically cold. haha. I was suppose to post up my outfit friday but I took the pictures on my phone and I'm not sure what it was, but they were horrible quality so thats why they didn't get posted. Sorry! But at least you see them now. haha

SO I have huge news! I will be going to New York (for the first time) the 15th-20th for Fashion Week! My mother works with a lady whos daughter graciously invited me to come with her when her fiance wasn’t able to make it. I died. Literally. One show I know we will be attending is Anna Sui, and I believe I will be able to borrow a dress from her line to wear to her show. I’m so extremely excited and blessed! The only things I will be paying for are things I purchase while there.

My mind is spinning with possible outfits to bring! I also have to be careful not to pack too much so I can bring things home. I believe amazing things are going to happen on this trip. I can't wait to see who I get to meet and talk to! Ah!

Who all is planning to go to Fashion Week?

Friday, September 3, 2010

And now I am sure my heart can never be still

I promise I'm not dead. And Ive been utterly lazy with posting and anything internet that correlates with fashion. I'm not sure why. Possibly because the past two months have been wrapped up in emotional conflict with people in my life. It's been rough but it's getting better. I honestly felt like I let myself slip away for a while. School starting up again has definitely reawakened me though. Just through the fact that my anxieties have returned. Which is annoying and I hope to one day fully get over them, but it makesme feel like my old self. And pushed my thoughts back onto my passions. Fashion and music.

I've realized I've been slacking almost all summer with my styling choices. Yes, I pick out cute outfits and I like them, but they aren't always...special. They seem very safe I guess. I like my old styling where I wasn't afraid that someone would be wearing something similar. I'm working on getting back to that place. For starters I recently bought some thigh high socks! And while it is still so very hot in Florida, I believe I will be wearing a pair to my job interview later today at Claires. Which I am very excited about! That will be another chance for me to work on my outfits, since you are allo
wed to dress up. The completely opposite has my hostessing job where we have a uniform. Which I will still be keeping. College is expensive. And so is the dream of moving out. Hahah.

At the end of June I started to research finger tattoos after seeing a girl with one. For some reason it just captured my attention so much. I was almost obsessed with them! I saw many cute ones but finally got my own idea. Since music is a huge part of my life (trumpet for 5 years, guitar for 2, and singing all my life) I decided I wanted something related to that! And I came up with the idea of getting an eighth note on my right ring finger. I had a friend draw it on and it was something I couldn't see myself without. I've always said if I ever decided to get a tattoo I would think about it for a long time, but I couldn't with this. Probably a month and a half later I got it done! For only $5 by one of my best friends brother in law. It hurt
though! Sooo much. But it's worth it.

Anyways, I'll be doing another post today, promise! I have my outfit planned out for later so I'll have a post on it. Till then!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hold me down

Shirt- NYCompany
Shorts- Express

Today was long and rainy. I woke up at 7 and ran the lake before work. Went in at 10:30 and I was suppose to work till 4 but it's sooo slow my manager let me off at 3. On the way home the sky opened up and seemed like it was bent on flooding everything! Goodness. It's rained everyday for a week. I'm tired of it.

So now that we've gotten past my slight rant. haha. After work I went to dinner with my parents then to the store to get a few things. Pretty uneventful day I suppose. But I have tomorrow off! So hopefully it will be a bit more exciting.

By the way, that picture is from the ones I spoke about on Saturday. I finally found my moms cord. Yaaay. :) Hope everyone had a good and less rainy day then I did!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Dress- RicRac
Blazer- thrifted
Oxford shoes- Forever 21

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. It's been almost all day today. Plus, I opened today at work. Luckily it was slow enough to let me off at 11:30. So for my evening I went to a party at this lovely historic mansion on one of our lakes here in town. The hostess is a very charismatic lady form my church. Shes so nice to have parties for almost every holiday at her home. She does quite a job at entertaining.

My shoes came in friday from forever 21! I've been searching high and low for some simple brown oxford shoes, but always found them a bit too pricey for me. These were cheap, and I just had to pay a little extra with shipping, but I found it worth it. I decided on this navy blazer because my red one seemed a bit to loud for my mood today. haha. I'm happy with my choice. And the quality of these images is questionable. Neither my sister nor I had a camera, so I used my black berry. We're in a recession people, ya gotta downgrade. I kid I kid! Soon I hope to purchase a nice Digital SLR camera. If anyone has suggestions, let me know!

On a side note, I did however find a 1975 Olympus SLR camera. Not sure if it works, but I got it seeing as it was only 5 dollars! I'm mean honestly, who could pass that up?! I just need some batteries and film to do a test run. Hopefully I'll get around to that soon.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

And maybe we're all balloons full of air

I'm currently tackling the issue of the cyclone that has blown threw my room. It is quite a task indeed. I'm taking a break right now.

Today has been enjoyable though. I spent the afternoon at my Aunt and Uncles for our family party for the 4th. Since, I've been busy cleaning, enjoying the rain outside, warm green tea, and lovely music.

I got inspired by the looking out my window at the rain and quickly snapped some photos. My camera is dead so I borrowed my mothers. I would have uploaded one of them, but I have no idea where her cord is. I will find it!

Time to go back to the cyclone.